Commercial Landscaping

AllSports is a nationally recognized sports design, construction, surfacing, and equipment specialty company. We have the quality materials and professional installation crews to make your location not only look great but also easy to maintain.

AllSports offers a wide variety of high-quality artificial turf to meet any of your project needs.

Mastering The Game

Our putting greens are designed to provide you with leading surface quality, durability, and aesthetics. Replicating the playing condition of natural grass greens without the need for costly maintenance & time-consuming upkeep is the goal. 

  • Turf offers perfect traction for golf balls
  • Custom design can fit almost any space or putting/driving style
  • Greens include built-in undulations and can be elevated for uphill/downhill action
  • Designed to withstand harsh climates
Golf Landscaping, AllSports

The Best Backyard or Courtyard

The possibilities are endless when using artificial turf. Apartment complexes, Community Centers, Retirement Homes, Daycares and more all benefit from artificial turf. No matter how your yard is used... playing a sport, relaxing, or entertaining, artificial turf gives you the freedom to enjoy it to its fullest.

  • Never mow or fertilize again
  • Save on outdoor water usage
  • UV-Resistant polyethylene grass blades are designed to ensure turf stays green all year long
  • Cleaning is easy thanks to MaxxFlow drainage technology... 100% permeable and drains up to 350 inches of water/hour
Daycare and Doggie Daycare Turf

A Pet's Paradise

Whether indoor or outdoor, artificial grass is a great choice for doggie daycares, training facilities, dog parks and backyards. MaxxFlow drainage, ensures extreme durability, and a realistic look and feel, ensuring your pet will love their new lawn. Turf is manufactured without any thatch ensuring more depth, less odor from urine, and a more realistic look. Muddy paws are now a thing of the past. 

  • 100% permeable, meaning liquid drains throughout the entire backing
  • MaxxFlow drainage system drains up to 350 inches of water/hour
  • Highly durable. It will not stretch or twist even with the rowdiest of dogs
  • Built without thatch, adding more depth and less odor than traditional turf
  • Artificial turf is non-toxic, giving you peace of mind when dogs are playing
Doggie Training Centers with Artificial Turf

Loving The Bocce Game

Synthetic turf got its start on professional athletic fields, but newer products have been developed for recreational areas. The turf is the same height and texture making it an ideal surface for most types of sports, including bocce ball where the texture of the grass will determine how well the ball rolls.  

  • Low-maintenance use
  • Great playability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent drainage
  • Attractive appearance
Bocce, Apartments and hotels, Artificial Turf