Tatnall School, Wilmington, DE

From the 1984 State Championship field hockey team to the undefeated 2017 Middle School lacrosse team, Tatnall’s field hockey and girls lacrosse programs have always been a force on campus. To recognize these incredible programs, The Tatnall School completed its newest facilities upgrade - the best in class turf field. The field has an AstroTurf Golden Series DT32 System. The System uses no rubber, yields cooler surface temperatures, requires no water and can withstand heavy use. The System is created via a “green” process and is California Proposition 65 compliant.

Project Specifics

  • Site Work: Excavation and grading
  • Field Base Construction: Concrete curb, drainage pipe, drainage stone and finish stone
  • Artificial Turf Field: 72,000 ft2 of AstroTurf "DT32" artificial turf system with Brock "ASP15" shock pad, sand and Zeofil in-fill 
  • Equipment: Perimeter fence and (2) ball stoppers


  • AstroTurf, Brock International, Target Technologies, Sportsfield Specialties