East Stroudsburg University, Stroudsburg, PA

In partnership with Stroudsburg Little League and Stroud Township, East Stroudsburg University and East Stroudsburg's Foundation converted a natural grass baseball and softball field to artificial turf. The field construction included new dimensions to meet NCAA standards. 

AllSports is currently converting the Softball infield from natural clay to "Diamond Series" artificial turf. 

Project Specifics

  • Site Work & Base Construction Land survey, soil and erosion controls, excavation and regrading baseball and softball fields, complete Storm Water Management System, concrete curbing, artificial turf base construction (perimeter curb, collector pipes, geotextile fabric, flat pipe, drainage and finish stone
  • Baseball Field: Over 136,000 ft2 of AstroTurf "Diamond Series" artificial turf system and logos
  • Softball Field: Over 48,000 ft2 of AstroTurf "Diamond Series" artificial turf system and logos
  • Equipment: Bull pens, batting cages, backstops, batters eye, fencing, bleacher seating, dugouts, and safety netting


  • AstroTurf, Sportsfield Specialties, Jaypro Sports, CushionFall, Target Technologies

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