XL Sports World, Hatfield, PA

The XL Sports World indoor sports center (Formerly Bucksmont Indoor Sports Center) is a 78,000 sq-ft, fully temperature-controlled facility. Developed by three local families, this state-of-the-art multi-sport indoor facility showcases the next generation of products: revolutionary turf technology and internationally acclaimed flooring for volleyball, basketball, soccer and field hockey.

Project Specifics

  • Artificial Turf Field: 34,450 ft2 of AstroTurf "PureGrass" non-infill artificial turf system 
  • Multi-Sport Gym Flooring: 20,000 ft2 of Gerflor "TaraFlex" vinyl sports flooring
  • Fitness Room Flooring: 1,500 ft2 of Mondo "Ramflex" rubber sports flooring
  • Sprint Track: 4 lane x 200’ (14,040 ft2) of Mondo "Super X" synthetic rubber track
  • Equipment: (2) retractable batting cages, (5) scoreboards, (2) Dasher Board Systems, (6) basketball backstops and (4) volleyball standards 


  • AstroTurf, Athletica Sports Systems, Gerflor, Mondo, InCord, Jaypro Sports