United Sports Training Center, Downingtown, PA

USTC is a 60-acre state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sports complex located in the heart of Chester County. It is home to four outdoor artificial turf fields and seven grass fields. Its 127,000 sq-ft of indoor playing surfaces includes a: sports court, two artificial turf fields, a Field House and much more.

Indoor Project Specifics

  • Artificial Turf Fields A & B: Removal of existing artificial turf and installation of over 28,000 ft2 of “RHINO SF-42” sand and rubber in-filled artificial turf system. (Installed in 1999, 2010 and 2019)
  • Multi-Sport Field House Flooring: 36,000 ft2 of SPORTFLEX installed in 1999 and replaced with CONIPUR 7+2 in 2006, and REVOLUTION in 2022
  • Multi-Activity Area: 7,200 ft2 of DEFENSE interlocking modular tile flooring
  • Equipment: (2) 180’ x 80’ BP 5000 Series Dasher Board Systems, 120’ x 60’ BP Series Dasher Board System, an INFINITY SERIES Glass Wall System, (8) ceiling mounted basketball backstops, (2) slope-fold divider curtains, (8) volleyball standards, perimeter protective netting and walk-draw system netting (1999 - 2022)


  • AstroTurf, Jaypro Sports, Mondo, Incord, SnapSports, Sport Court, Conica, Athletica Sports Systems

Click here for a before and after Field House Video.

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What They're Sayin'

John Hatt | General Manager, United Sports Training Center

"The four outdoor and two indoor artificial turf fields AllSports recommended and installed are perfectly suited for our multi-sport needs. We worked directly with All Sports Enterprises from start-to-finish and they exceeded all of our expectations."